🐅 Fortune Story Tiger Ninjas

Privacy Policy

Stealthy and Secure

At Fortune Story Tiger Ninjas, your privacy is as sacred as the ancient ninja scrolls. This policy unveils how we handle your data as you navigate the treacherous path of our ninja obstacle course.

Silent Movements, Silent Data

We collect minimal data – just what's essential for your ninja journey. No unnecessary shadows, only the required information to enhance your gaming experience.

No In-App Purchases, No Distractions

Fortune Story Tiger Ninjas is free from stealthy in-app purchases and annoying distractions. Your focus remains razor-sharp on the mission at hand.

Secure Like a Ninja Fortress

We've fortified our defenses to protect your data. Our security measures are as impenetrable as the walls of a ninja fortress, ensuring your information stays covert.

Your Consent, Your Code

By engaging in the Fortune Story Tiger Ninjas, you adopt the code of the ninja. Your silent consent guides your journey through the shadows of our game.

Contact the Sensei

If you have questions about your ninja data's secrecy, feel free to dispatch a message to the sensei at 📧 [email protected].